My journey into the world of tattooing isn’t that surprising. In the early 1980’s I was a young punk kid in the high desert and tattoos were part of the many things we did to rebel against our suburban oppressors! I received my first tattoo from a friend from school who later became a tattooer himself named Kenny Scholefield (RIP). It was a hand poked spade on my left hand between my thumb and index finger. I still have it to this day.

Striving to be an individual with a voice and purpose among other misfits seemed to be where i fit in the best, and although those days were fueled with anger and mischief it set down the foundation creating the man i was to become. Getting tattooed with the money i saved from what jobs i was working at the time seemed to be becoming an obsession and frequenting the local tattoo shop ran by J.R Grove in Palmdale called Tattoo Alley would be where my meeting and friendship with his son Mike Pike would begin.

In 1992 Mike opened Psycho City Tattoo in lancaster Ca. and I was there shadowing him the whole time just waiting for a chance to see what would happen if he took me in and gave me my shot at it. So in the fall of 1992 i got my chance to start my apprenticeship under a real tattooer!

Learning to tattoo under a mostly traditional apprenticeship has made me proud to be where i am today. The fundamentals and ethics of the tattoo world are still held in high regard by those who know the difference and who pride themselves on education, hard work and quality.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many locations around the world to tattoo and learn from masters that I respect and strive to be like someday. I also have done guest spots at many world famous shops including Lou’s tattoos in Lemoore ca. Temple Tattoo in oakland ca. Tattoo circus miami fl. Screamin ink fairlawn NJ. and the world reknown Diamond Club Tattoo in San Francisco ca. where i am fortunate enough to work with Junii and Bill salmon a few times a year.

Id like to thank all of my Psycho City Tattoo Family and everyone who supports real tattooing the world over.

I am now working in the Sherman Oaks area at Ten Thousand Waves.

I can be reached there at (818) 849-5317

13716 1/2 Ventura Blvd,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Email me at
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